Rewind – John Salza & Robert Siscoe’s False Understanding of St. Robert Bellarmine – Fr. Paul Kramer

John Salza and Robert Siscoe, who have no theological or canonical qualifications, have led so many in Traditionalist circles, including the so-called Resistance, into error regarding St. Robert Bellarmine’s exposition of the Fifth Opinion regarding papal heresy and the loss of office.  They claim that St. Robert Bellarmine taught that, according to the Fifth Opinion, a judgement from the Church would still be necessary prior to loss of office.  This is wrong!  St. Robert Bellarmine taught that the Fifth Opinion is that a pope who fell into public heresy would fall from office ipso facto.  No judgment or declaration from the Church would be necessary.  Deo gratias for Fr. Paul Kramer who has taught the truth on this matter!

Fr. Paul Kramer on the Jeff Rense Show – May 19, 2023