1 thought on “Rewind – Cardinal Ratzinger Words “Evil Council” – Fr. Paul Kramer”

  1. The clarification by Father Kramer that his comments to Kevin Symonds was ”blunt, it was not rude” is correct as shown by Father Kramer.

    The cancel culture of our times relies heavily on those [ known as instantaneously melting snowflakes ] and includes also those who lower themselves to shameful ad hominem attacks when faced with the TRUTH and who are then left with no further intelligent response regarding any pertinent evidence nor TRUTH to support his/her rebuttal.

    GOD BLESS Father Kramer in dealing in FAITH with the persecution that is inevitable as he reveals THE TRUTH. We are so grateful to GOD for Father Kramer’s sound and soul saving leadership as he continues to teach what we need to know today among all those who are
    sowing confusion and seducing multitudes of Catholics with their lies and deceptions.


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