1 thought on “Rewind – On the Invalidity of Benedict XVI’s Renunciation – Fr. Paul Kramer”

  1. Thank you. Searching for the truth all the way will lead everyone to this conclusion. Pope Benedict confirmed this often in his interviews with P. Seewald. The most direct example of this is when he, the Pope, said that he was the first to renounce – the ministry, not the office – after 1000 years, The last real abdication took place in 1415, 2013-1415= 598, that’s not 1000 years. In 1013 Pope Benedict the VIII, who held the office because his election was legitimate, was somehow forced to renounced the ministry so that the Emperor could invest him of it, as it was customary in those days. This enabled him to exercise the office legally.
    All this I know from reading the Cionci investigation from his book, The Ratzinger Code. It is all briefly explained in his videos: Dies Irae, Intelligenti Pauca, Redde Rationem.


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