1 thought on “Six Months of Sede Vacante”

  1. We pray every day in our HOLY ROSARY for the CONSECRATION OF RUSSIA which will accomplish the TRIUMPH of THE IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY.

    Geopolitically, the messages/prophecies given to Marie Julie Jahenney are being realized regarding the burning of Paris and [ possibly ] civil war in France, so it seems.

    Even though the daily escalation of all manner of evil is upon us, we have great hope and the unfailing promises of GOD regarding the roles of HIS instruments of RUSSIA, the GREAT MONARCH, and THE HOLY POPE. The times of the enemies of JESUS CHRIST who are satan and ALL his minions such as jorge bergoglio, the satanic globalist cabal, and ALL the enemies of JESUS CHRIST is nearing.

    Any way that we must discern by the fruits in our times, we can also interpret that every day we are one day closer to the fulfillment of GOD’S PERFECT PLAN of HIS and our MOTHER’S TRIUMPH.


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