2 thoughts on “If Francis Is Pope…..”

  1. Today we have many wolves in shepherds’ clothing from every direction who attempt to correct saints, popes, and councils who came before them all the while seducing multitudes of Catholics to follow them. They lead Catholics to mindlessly and blindly disregard those who have , in fact, settled the matter of ANTI POPE, HERETIC, APOSTATE, INVALIDLY ELECTED bergoglio for their eyes to see and ears to hear and to be able to discern according to right reason and right judgement.

    Also, Father Kramer in our times has provided the most comprehensive details from his research which prove the TRUTH that every Catholic needs to know.

    These shepherds who are the blind leading the blind include all those who lead others astray including Fathers Trad, Fathers Novus Ordo, Fathers Indult, Modernist destroyer bishops and cardinals, other than wise bishops and cardinals, and especially the present counterfeit pope JUDAS bergoglio who has never been pope according to all the evidence both past and present. All that CATHOLICS have available to lead them to understand is readily available, and there is no doubt that rejecting the evidence is greatly due to the persuasion of these leaders who are wolves in shepherds’ clothing.

  2. PRAISE, HONOR, GLORY, and THANKS BE TO GOD for those who paved the way for these faithful men of renown whom GOD gave to lead us.

    Those faithful leaders of the TRUE CHURCH instituted by JESUS CHRIST and GOD’S faithful of the ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC, and APOSTOLIC CHURCH are today our men of renown such as those in Dr. Mazza’s list . . .


    1 Let us now praise men of renown, and our fathers in their generation.
    2 The Lord hath wrought great glory through his magnificence, from the beginning.
    3 Such as have borne rule in their dominions, men of great power, and endued with their wisdom, shewing forth in the prophets the dignity of prophets,
    4 And ruling over the present people, and by the strength of wisdom instructing the people in most holy words.
    5 Such as by their skill sought out musical tunes, and published canticles of the scriptures.
    6 Rich men in virtue, studying beautifulness: living at peace in their houses.
    7 All these have gained glory in their generations, and were praised in their days.
    8 They that were born of them have left a name behind them, that their praises might be related:


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