2 thoughts on “Meme of the Day”

  1. Look up “Lucis Trust”. They have a demonic plan to make antichrist the king of this world. They influence international politics, laws and organizations.

  2. The destruction of Paris plays a role of foreshadowing in the prophecies given to Marie Julie Jahenney. May GOD intervene soon to defeat the satanists with HIS plan to establish the Great Monarch and HIS Holy Pope and accomplish the hoped for and promised TRIUMPH of THE IMMACULATE HEART of MARY.

    The previous fire at Notre Dame and the burning of Paris and the rioting are for sure being organized at the top in the high places by the same people who organized BLM and antifa and many other terrorist groups.

    To understand who those are in the high places, GOD reveals them in Apocalypse 2 : 9 and in Apocalypse 3 : 9 in the Douay Rheims Bible.

    These own the media and so much more of everything today globally along with their implemented global leaders in most countries. These are also the cabal who implemeted those enemies of JESUS CHRIST within the counterfeit church of satan in the vatican and world wide and also plotted the infiltration of seminaries with the slubglobs who are now doing their bidding.

    All the propaganda reported by the media is obviously related to their plot and plan to own and rule the entire world.



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