1 thought on “Traditional Clerical Endorsements of the Findings of Sister Lucy Truth, with Some Evidence of Their Own.”

  1. The Counterfeit Church of satan and his minions is ever increasingly being exposed by GOD through HIS instruments such as here. Even those who continue to claim falsely that jorge bergoglio is pope can see and understand the counterfeit lucia due to the forensic evidence facilitated by Dr. Chojnowski and his work to expose the TRUTH.

    However, it does boggle the mind that some of those who proclaim this fraud sister lucia TRUTH arranged by the ”conciliar church” will not yet see nor hear nor undertake to understand through the plethora of evidence presented by GOD through HIS instruments regarding the TRUTH that bergoglio is NOT THE POPE; and so their blindness and deafness continues to mislead not only themselves but also others.
    Is this a contradiction or is it something else???

    GOD has blessed Father Kramer. Father Kramer can be counted on to shout the TRUTH FROM THE ROOFTOPS, and he has provided a plethora of indisputable evidence pertaining to the TRUTH that jorge bergoglio is an Antipope, a Heretic, and that bergoglio is NOT THE POPE NOR EVER HAS BEEN THE POPE.

    GOD has blessed us through these evil times, and GOD’S instruments are blessings to help to lead us in understanding TRUTH. PRAISE, HONOR, GLORY,and THANKS BE TO JESUS CHRIST and the ONE, HOLY CATHOLIC, and APOSTOLIC CHURCH that JESUS CHRIST instituted to get us through and to expose the evil which we can and must discern.


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