2 thoughts on “Was Pope Benedict XVI the Katechon?”

  1. Excerpt from the article-

    ”But the most striking appointment is not that of the Argentine Victor Manuel Fernández (in the photo) as cardinal, seen as a matter of course, but the previous assignment to him of the post of prefect of the dicastery for the doctrine of the faith.

    Here in fact Francis has done what he would never have dared to do while Joseph Ratzinger was alive. That is, the appointment in the key role that belonged to the great German theologian and later pope of a figure who is his complete opposite.”

    The words”complete opposite” mean also ”inversion” which is the mark of satan and his counterfeit church which is known by all those who have eyes to see and ears to hear to be the inversion of the ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC and APOSTOLIC CHURCH instituted by JESUS CHRIST.

    With satan’s antipope bergoglio of satan’s own counterfeit church, there is a growing number of members who represent their father satan who have chosen of their free will to become his children in the image of their father, satan. To honor and glorify their master/god satan is their prideful duty; and the reason for satan’s choice of bergoglio to head the counterfeit church in our time is clearly because his appetite for implementing evil is unprecedented as he works to bring forth the inversion of the TRUE CHURCH of JESUS CHRIST according to satan. The choice of bergoglio by satan, the fruits of bergoglio along with bergoglio’s choice of accomplices according to their evil fruits make it known that bergoglio is the chosen ”vicar” of satan on earth.

    If GOD allows it, when this 2023 synod to begin in October unfolds, and the plan of satan is carried out by bergoglio and his accomplices, people will witness what will be the worldwide church of satan on earth.

    We have been given the prayer of the daily HOLY ROSARY for the intercession of THE BLESSED MOTHER MARY, QUEEN of HEAVEN and EARTH, MEDIATRIX of ALL GRACES, Co-REDEMPTRIX, and our ADVOCATE before the throne of GOD.

    PRAISE, HONOR, GLORY, and THANKS BE TO GOD for OUR GOD has chosen us to live in these times, and we are HIS PEOPLE. ALL OUR HOPE IS IN GOD according to HIS PERFECT PLAN, and it has been foretold to us by the MOTHER OF GOD who is our spiritual MOTHER also that ”In the end, My IMMACULATE HEART WILL TRIUMPH.”

  2. That’s possible. But if you read the Bible, the great tribulation begins after the abomination of desolation, which I think means a false sacrifice replacing the true sacrifice in the temple of God, a false mass created to unite all churches that discards transubstantiation. I think the temple is the Catholic Church.


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