Fr. Francois Chazal’s Position on the Pope and Heresy Opposes the Magisterium of Vatican I and Pope Pius XII

NOTE: This post has been retracted. See the following post instead:

Retraction of Post I Made regarding Fr. Francois Chazal on the Pope and Heresy

Fr. Francois Chazal has a peculiar position regarding Jorge Bergoglio’s “papacy”.  It is known as sedeimpoundism (which is distinguished from sedeprivationism).  He holds that Jorge Bergoglio is a valid pope (i.e., he truly has jurisdiction over the whole Church).  However, his exercise of the papal powers are illicit (i.e., his jurisdiction cannot be lawfully exercised) because he is a public heretic.  Fr. Chazal briefly explains his position here at the request of Dr. Peter Chojnowski (see pdf version here).  The quote of interest for our purpose is the following:

“Caiphas [i.e., the pope] is neither deprived and neither to be heeded to.  [T]his is because the jurisdiction of a heretic[,] while it instantly disappears quoad liceitatem[,] only disappears quoad validitatem after a sentence.”

Fr. Francois Chazal’s position here essentially expresses Opinion No. 4 of the Five Opinions expounded upon by St. Robert Bellarmine:

“That a manifest heretic does not fall from the pontificate by himself ipso facto, but must be judged by the Church to fall from office.”

(Kramer, Paul. On the true and the false pope: The case against Bergoglio, p. 49. Gondolin Press. Kindle Edition.)

Like that of His Excellency Bishop Richard Williamson, Fr. Francois Chazal’s position opposes the Magisterium of Vatican I and Pope Pius XII.  See this post first and then this post to understand the reasons.

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