3 thoughts on “Rewind – Salza & Siscoe Do Not Even Have an Elementary Understanding of the Philosophical Term “Nature” – Fr. Paul Kramer”

  1. This goes to show you the importance of a solid foundation in Philosophy before even tackling issues of Theology, I have noticed these same issues with Salza and Siscoe, this one error in the nature of heresy leads to false interpretations and false conclusions in everything that follows. It is a shame that Trad Priests and so many laymen follow these two laymen who are untrained and have no formal training in Theology, Canon law or basic philosophy.

  2. We are sorrowfully living in a time when…..so many…..”leaders” make it up as they go along in order to suit their false narratives.

    PRAISE, HONOR, GLORY and THANKS BE TO GOD that we still have Father Kramer and some others such as Tony La Rosa who are fighting the good fight to expose those people who are leading so many souls astray in this evil time with their false teachings, lies, and deceptions.


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