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  1. There is a saying that ”laughing is better than crying”. However, to everything there is a season, and this is the season to cry as did Our BLESSED VIRGIN MARY at La Salette.

    The fact that there is the effort to falsely label Catholics ”sedevacantists” and now a new label of ”interregnumist”, etc., etc., etc. This should be re evaluated because of the great stakes that are involved in our times, and the seriousness of what is happening. Do we seek to be members of the CHURCH MILITANT or court jesters? Twitter can be used well or not so well.

    I am fully aware that people will disagree with this thinking, but the made up labels and all the terms that are novelties are being made up to be cleverly descriptive of the horrific and increasing disunity among Catholics in our times.

    The Blessed Virgin Mary did come to warn us in so many apparitions for our help and edification. SHE cried about what we are now experiencing, and SHE did not find any of it funny, nor did SHE ever joke about it.

  2. It is being reported that ANTIPOPE bergoglio met with actor Sylvester Stalone, his wife [which one of the number of wives in Stalone’s life she is, is unknown], and his family members. The day of this meeting is September 8th, one of the most BLESSED FEASTS of THE NATIVITY of THE MOTHER OF GOD which has been captured on video by the counterfeit ”vatican” for ALL to see.

    Antipope bergoglio is ”too busy” to meet with Cardinals, but he has time for certain celebrities who belong in the pachamama idol category.


    Also, is it at all, understood by the many Catholics today including those who claim and call themselves ”the resistance” that the rotten and rotting FRUITS of Antipope bergoglio are growing to the degree that he and his accomplices will attempt to remove and FULLY REPLACE the ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC, and APOSTOLIC CHURCH as instituted by JESUS CHRIST because it is being reported that they plan to fully establish a ”new church” by way of the synod in October 2023?

    By way of an answer to the above question, it is becoming more obvious to us that multitudes of Catholics including ”the so called resistance groups” are shamefully carrying on with their false ideas while they also continue to have leaders who convince their followers to believe that bergoglio is the pope and vicar of JESUS CHRIST. There is blatant disregard for all the evidence regarding the TRUTH that bergoglio is a counterfeit pope of the counterfeit church and an enemy of JESUS CHRIST. Those leaders and their followers are souls who…..believe lies and deceptions than to believe the TRUTH as has been demonstrated these years since 2013.



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