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  1. This is true by necessity. But the necessarily- and patently-true is opposed and condemned, vociferously and viciously, with the attendant persecution of those who uphold it, by those who wield the great worldwide temporal power granted then by Satan in this time of mass apostasy, this time of which God ever forewarned us, and against which He forearmed us. May God protect us from all evil, moral, spiritual and temporal, especially assent to heresy.

  2. We just finished the video of Fr. James Altman – ”Bergoglio is not the Pope”.
    link is here-

    Father Altman removes ALL DOUBT in this video compilation regarding the evils of bergoglio who maquerades as the vicar of JESUS CHRIST on earth. Along with his accomplices who are not only those who support him and operate within his cabal, there are also those who espouse and mislead other Catholics to believe that bergoglio is the pope and that we must recognize that begoglio is pope, but remain Catholics who resist him in regard to his heresies, destruction, lies, deceptions, etc. . .

    As a member of the CHURCH MILITANT, we are called to fight the good fight. This is GOD’S WILL. We will know what GOD’S WILL is for each of us if we pray our daily HOLY ROSARY and if we live FAITHFULLY in dependence upon GOD through that which has been established by JESUS CHRIST through HIS TRUE CHURCH which is the ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC, and APOSTOLIC CHURCH.

    GOD will lead us and guide us every step, every moment, and every breath which is the prayer that HE answers for us when we desire HIS WILL. GOD ALONE IS OMNIPOTENT, OMNISCIENT, and OMNIPRESENT. GOD’S WILL is available for each and every Catholic of the ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC, and APOSTOLIC CHURCH which has been instituted by JESUS CHRIST; and it is for all of us to bear witness to THE TRUTH which JESUS CHRIST has established through HIS CHURCH and also to reject especially those leaders who are wolves in shepherd’s clothing who are leading their followers astray and doing great harm to the souls of their followers.

    Many leaders adorn themselves with diverse labels today. They teach lies and deceptions against the TRUTH WHICH GOD HAS PROVIDED through HIS instruments such as Father Paul Kramer, Father James Altman in this video linked above, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, HOLY POPES, THE COUNCIL OF TRENT, Canonized SAINTS, DOCTORS of THE CHURCH, and so forth.

    is the main topic of understanding that GOD is placing before us now. Bergoglianism is followed by many in various ways and in various degrees. JESUS CHRIST has provided EVERYTHING and EVERYONE whom we need in order to understand the TRUTH according to HIS WILL; and WE WILL KNOW THEM BY THEIR FRUITS.

    There are those many and various wolves in shepherds clothing who reject the TRUTH of JESUS CHRIST today in every way, in only some ways, or in only one way such as those who lead others to reject the TRUTH regarding ANTIPOPE jorge bergoglio who is NOT NOW nor has EVER been the vicar of JESUS CHRIST on earth.


  3. I’ld say wait patiently. And in the meantime do exactly what you’re doing right here: awaken people, get them to think in the BEING, rather than the MEANING domain, as Miss Barnhardt puts it. Maybe we wait for the “Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins”-moment. If the exegesis of Ticonius is right, the church may now seperate itself from the antichurch. Which would only be the visible manifestation of a seperation that has been long there. The not- naming an antipope in the unacum will be this ‘visible/audible manifestation’. If Ticonius is right (careful!) the true church that not places itself in communion with an arch-heretic, literally started from zero!. First there was Fr Gruner, then Fr Kramer, then Fr Minutella and his brothers, and so now Fr Altmann, how hopeful. We now wait for the first bishop…

  4. If you introduce authority of judgement (personal, conscience, church, council, cardinals, allowed, not allowed) in a bigger question of the-highest-authority-on-earth as an object, you open up a box of paradoxes.

    It’s like introducing uncertainty in mathematics.

    Humanly speaking irresolvable. It’s like the chaos of the apostles: fleeing, arguing, even cursing, that evening.


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