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  1. The Successor of Peter and Vicar of Christ cannot be an unrepentant public enemy of Holy God, His Holy Church and the Holy Faith, never mind fundamental moral laws knowable by our natural (God-given) reason. That would be to make the Church absurd, not the means of our salvation. Lord, grant us the necessary graces to endure in the Holy Faith till death.

  2. Father Kramer explains ”As the sociopathic heretic and imposter pope [bergoglio] wants to rid the CHURCH of Catholic bishops,” a Catholic with right reason would understand the plan for the bishops who would remain would be those according to this excerpt from Cardinal Muller in a new interview as he states, ”it is the bishops who no longer believe in God as the origin and end of man and the saviour of the world . . .”

    EXCERPT follows from the interview linked here-https://cathcon.blogspot.com/2023/09/cardinal-muller-in-new-interview-puts.html

    Q-Are more and more bishops and faithful expressing their concern about what might happen during this Synod?

    A-Yes, the false prophets (cloud ideologues) who present themselves as progressives have announced that they will turn the Catholic Church into an aid organisation for Agenda 2030. In their opinion, only a Church without Christ fits into a world without God. Many young people returned from Lisbon disappointed that the focus was no longer on salvation in Christ, but on a worldly doctrine of salvation. Apparently there are even bishops who no longer believe in God as the origin and end of man and the saviour of the world, but who, in a pan-naturalistic or pantheistic way, consider the so-called mother earth as the beginning of existence and climate neutrality as the goal of planet earth.#

  3. It occurs to us that bergoglianism is the objectively worst heresy that has ever been devised since our LORD JESUS CHRIST INSTITUTED HIS ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC and APOSTOLIC CHURCH. That bergoglianism comes straight from satan is more obvious when we remember that POPE LEO XIII was given the experience of JESUS with satan who asked to be granted more power in order ‘’to destroy the TRUE CHURCH’’ and JESUS granted this.

    The salient difference of bergoglianism from arianism, manacheism, and the other heresies before, is that begoglianism is the attack upon the TRUE CHURCH by satan in order to ATTEMPT TO FULLY DESTROY IT. It is of vital importance to remember that along with all heresies, JESUS is allowing this heresy, HE has warned us about it in many ways, and HE has provided many of his instruments to teach us what we need to know. The many apparitons by the BLESSED VIRGIN MARY edify, encourage, and can unite us in TRUTH as Catholics today.

    The TRUTH will always lead us as the prophet SIMEON spoke to our BLESSED MOTHER at the Presentation of JESUS in the Temple as a revelation to us as the new Israel which is THE HOLY CATHOLIC CHURCH,

    “And Simeon blessed them, and said to Mary, his mother: Behold, this child is set for the ruin, and for the resurrection of many in Israel, and for a sign which shall be contradicted. And thy own soul a sword shall pierce, that out of many hearts thoughts may be revealed.’’ [Luke 2:34-35]

    MAY GOD BLESS Father Kramer, Bishop Strickland, Father Altman, and ALL Catholics of the ONE, HOLY CATHOLIC, and APOSTOLIC CHURCH which JESUS CHRIST instituted.

    • Bergolianism (a made-up word) is not a heresy. Francis cites Vatican II every chance he gets as the excuse for his scandalous actions. He is not the originator, as Arius was in the context of the heresy of Arianism.

      The main problem is the Council – not the man, or men, implementing it. Until the Council is condemned and rejected, this will continue, whether thru Francis or another modernist successor. To start labeling the implementation of Vatican II Bergolianism is to blithely ignore all the previous Conciliar popes who wrecked just as much havoc. At least with Bergolio, it is quite obvious that he is very far off track. Benedict and JPII often enjoyed the illusion of being moderates.

      Pius X said modernism is THE synthesis of all heresies. Not Bergolianism. Lets not get all wound up focusing on one man when the problem is much deeper.

      • The difference is, however, that Benedict XVI and JPII were not public manifest formal heretics as is Jorge Bergoglio. They were true popes; Jorge Bergoglio is not.

      • According to you, is bergoglio a valid pope, the vicar of JESUS CHRIST on earth? If so, please provide why you think so. Thank you, in advance.

        Pope Saint Pius X , no doubt by any Catholic including me, uses the most excellent expression of synthesis of heresies to lead us.

        The term bergoglianism is used to express the heresies of the ANTIPOPE berggolio along with his accomplices.

        This ANTIPOPE bergoglio is not a lone minion, he needs and has many accomplices within the counterfeit church of satan and also those from without who have facilitated this satanic seduction by their father satan which has been taking place from vatican 2 [really from the garden of eden to be precise] with all its evil fruits. Now, in our times today, the seduction is ensnaring multitudes of CATHOLICS throughout the entire world. JESUS CHRIST is allowing all of this to take place.

  4. I think I realize what the oath of fidelity is. When the schism becomes clear everyone on the Francis side will take an oath of fidelity. By means of this oath the synodal church will jump over its last hurdle, as prophesied by Anne Catherine Emmerich. The Church will split into two camps. It seems this way to me.

      • There will be deceived people who choose the wrong side. Deceived, but right now they are Catholic.

        I am thinking most people who follow recognize and exist or believe what S and S taught about papal heresy. Or the people who don’t notice the book of Revelation is almost fulfilled, with a digital id chip to buy or sell.


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