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  1. We Are Warned
    The Prophecies of Marie-Julie Jahenny
    Compiled, Translated and Edited by E.A. Bucchianeri


    EXCERPTED from pages 376-377

    November 11, 1924

    The Blessed Virgin: “My little beloved children,

    I have left many times this word when returning to Heaven:

    ‘The forerunner of the great signs of doom and of protection for our little just ones, it will be the sharp sting of hate and vengeance against the Holy Church, the Holy Religion. Here, my little children, the first sign that you will announce well (or more than) the others, which are terrible because souls know what they do. They want to destroy the Name of my divine Son, destroy His power, take away from our dear souls that sacred Name and efface it from the souls of little children.’

    My dear and beloved children, I assure you my graces. I am your Mother and you are my children.”

    The Blessed Virgin: “My little children, Heaven can be nothing but good. Heaven is so great, Heaven is your home, Heaven is your rest, where you will live forever in peace and love.


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