Bishop Richard Williamson Eleison Comments: Clear-Sighted Resistant?

In his September 9, 2023 Issue of Eleison Comments titled “Clear-Sighted Resistant“, His Excellency Bishop Richard Williamson writes about the so-called Resistance, partly regarding its lack of growth since 2012 (the year the SSPX leaders officially betrayed the mission and memory of Arcbbishop Marcel Lefebvre).  However, His Excellency goes onto making the following statement:

“The ‘Resistance’ is telling vital truth no longer told by the SSPX, for instance, today’s Roman officials have lost the Faith.”

It is true that the so-called Resistance is telling vital truth on this front and many others.  However, there is one vital truth on which the so-called Resistance is not so clear-sighted and has consequently failed to tell Catholics and the world, that is, that Jorge Bergoglio is not and never was the pope of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church founded by Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!  To date, there is not one clergyman, formerly of the SSPX, of the so-called Resistance that I am aware of that has publicly and unequivocally asserted this vital truth.  Is it any wonder, then, that the so-called Resistance has failed to grow and impart influence on other Catholics?  Can the so-called Resistance really expect to be blessed by Our Lord with growth and influence when it adheres to an antipope?

Why has the so-called Resistance failed to proclaim this vital truth?  I believe it is because most members of the movement fail to come to know or accept the following doctrine that must be believed with Divine and Catholic Faith:

The public sin of manifest formal heresy per se (i.e., by its very nature) separates the heretic from the Church.

Therefore, no matter what heresies Jorge Bergoglio publicly spews, he remains pope until a formal declaration by the Church authorities or a future pope is made otherwise, which many in the movement incorrectly appeal to Archbishop Lefebvre (see this post) to support this position.  Meanwhile, many souls are being lost.

Wake up so-called Resistance; wake up.

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