Active Attendance at the New Mass Is NEVER Morally Acceptable

In Issue No. 846 of His Excellency’s Eleison Comments, Bishop Richard Williamson again tackles the question of active attendance at the New Mass.  Unfortunately, His Excellency still leaves room for one to conclude that active attendance at the New Mass in certain circumstances is morally acceptable.  He has not changed his public stance since at least 2015 when he caused great controversy within the so-called Resistance and Traditionalist circles.  Therefore, we must reiterate the position of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre and his SSPX that active attendance at the New Mass is NEVER morally acceptable.  In other words, active attendance at the New Mass is an intrinsically evil act.  You may read here a paper I wrote on this issue in 2016.  You may also listen to an audio here on the same subject.

Let us pray that one day soon His Excellency will return to his previous public position that the New Mass is ALWAYS illicit.

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