More Dubia? We Don’t Need More Dubia!

Five cardinals sent new dubia to Jorge Bergoglio.  What happened to Jorge Bergoglio’s response to the first set of dubia sent several years ago?

We don’t need more dubia!  It is clear by now that Jorge Bergoglio was not validly elected in 2013 and is a public manifest formal heretic.  What we need is for these cardinals to publicly assert these facts and juridically declare that therefore Jorge Bergoglio has never been pope, and then proceed to elect another man (Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano?) to the papacy.

Full Text of New Dubia Sent to Pope Francis by Five Cardinals

2 thoughts on “More Dubia? We Don’t Need More Dubia!”

  1. Absolutely right, this time it seems like Bergoglio gave a non answering response to the dubia, back in July. He will not answer again like he did the first time around, after Amoris Laetitia. It is time for action, recognizing the illegitimacy of the 2013 conclave and declaring the vacancy since the death of Pope Benedict XVI.

  2. This latest dubia , both the more erudite first copy and the one that reduced the first one to a yes or no answer format, is most likely to be reduced even more to a non response because the opportunity for spinning the answer is reduced significantly; and also, the first dubia years ago, evolved to be an absolute nothing due to the inaction of the senders and the receiver[s].

    MORE and MORE and MORE useless actions that can be considered and recognized as NON ACTION when the end result is likely to be NOTHING ACCOMPLISHED to end nor battle the dire attempted destruction by the evil occupation of the ANTIPOPE bergoglian vatican 2 counterfeit church of apostasy.

    THAT IS UNLESS the 5 Cardinals begin and continue to actually fight until the evil one and his minions are defeated instead of succumbing to them. With everything they must accomplish and by the GRACE OF GOD according to their positions as the princes of the ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC, and APOSTOLIC CHURCH instituted by JESUS CHRIST, they must defeat the bergoglians and all those globalist enemies which they and we are facing; however, it seems to be unlikely that they will choose to fight with their might as soldiers of JESUS CHRIST to defeat these enemies.


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