1 thought on “The Metastasis of Jorge Bergoglio’s “Pontificate” Originates from the Conciliar Cancer”

  1. In the Sorrows of Jesus and Mary, until the Cardinal Burke’s, Bp Schneider’s, Michael Matt’s and the likes of them stop feeding the Vatican II/Masonic elephant in the room, refusing to jettison the Modernist plague for a full 180 degree “about face” for Holy Tradition, the apostasy will march on to the OWO Church of Darkness. Only when this plague and those responsible (The Synagogue and their Masonic useful idiots) are called out publicly and soundly rejected by Tradition for the Glory of Christ the King and Christendom, the enemy will have its way. Here is one of the main graces of the Triumph of the Immaculata Heart, the Church regaining Her breath of the sweet air of Tradition (St John Bosco’s vision of the Church re-anchoring unto the two Pillar of Tradition, Blessed Sacrament and Our Queen.


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