Recognize and Resist Is a Diabolical Error – Fr. Paul Kramer

At the 50 minutes and 40 seconds mark of the Jeff Rense Show here, Jeff ends the show by asking Fr. Paul Kramer about the coming schism.  Fr. Kramer proceeds with speaking about the three different camps that will result.  He calls “Recognize and Resist” a “diabolical error”.  Please note, however, that Fr. Kramer is not condemning the “Recognize and Resist” doctrine per se; rather, he condemns it at this point in time in history because it is being applied to an antipope, Jorge Bergoglio.  You cannot “recognize” an antipope.

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6 thoughts on “Recognize and Resist Is a Diabolical Error – Fr. Paul Kramer”

  1. Besides the current groups of 1985 sedevacantists, are there any priests in the USA that does not include “Pope” Francis” in the Mass and yet are not 1958 sedevacantists?

      • The society of SSPV are not “sedevacantists since 1958”, and they do not mention Bergoglio in the mass. (Or BVXI, JPII, etc.). SSPV’s position is that a Catholic cannot be a sedevacantist for so long, which is true, thus they refuse that modern error that became ideology. But, they admit that the nature of the crisis in the last several decades is so complex that human judgment alone cannot resolve it. Their approach is sensible , to some extent, but, if you come to their mass, and are new to their congregation, you may be approached first to prove you have received valid sacraments in order to receive holy communion. If you have received sacraments outside of strictly traditional Roman form, by a priest who was not ordained in the strictly traditional Roman rite, by a strictly traditional bishop, you might be refused administration of the sacrament. They go as far as to re-baptise Christians (conditional baptism).
        So maybe with their words they seem sensible, but with their behaviour they indirectly deny universality or catholicity of the Church, and they also can’t explain why would any priesthood (including theirs) be valid if the bedrock of priesthood, the pope, is hidden or nonexistent (for so long).
        In short, the entirety of the Church is in serious crisis, and even the seemingly prudent traditional Catholics have their serious issues they can’t resolve.

          • Mr Tony La Rosa, “Ecclesia Militans” has no ecclesiastical nor legal identity to declare anything in terms of Catholic teaching. Mr La Rosa, you may express your personal opinion only, but in this context not even as a Catholic, but only as a citizen of the secular state.

            Why? First, you lack ecclesiastical authority that, as a Catholic, to publicly suggest that you support that people do not attend masses from priests who face no current (nor previous) excommunications, bans or ecclesiastical investigations. Nobody in the Church can do that, because then you or others who suggest that, may face charges of defamation.

            Unlike some other groups, who indeed function despite their leaders or enablers were officially excommunicated from the Church, and they have disregarded the official condemnation, the SSPV, however, is not in the same boat.


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