The Catacombs Forum Again Publishes the Position of Bishop Athanasius Schneider regarding the Pope and Heresy

In this post, I wrote that the Catacombs Forum seems to have taken on Opinion No. 3 of the Five Opinions expounded upon by St. Robert Bellarmine.  This has now been confirmed as the Catacombs Forum has again published the position of Bishop Athanasius Schneider, which is essentially Opinion No. 3, and has highlighted areas of the Bishop’s article that are consonant with Opinion No. 3 (which is also Fr. David Hewko’s position).  See a picture of the Forum’s post here.  See the original link to the LifeSite article here.

As I have written in this post, Opinion No. 3 opposes the Magisterium of Pope Pius XII and the teaching of St. Robert Bellarmine, Doctor of the Church.  It also opposes the position of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre (see here and here).  Archbishop Lefebvre never taught that a pope who was a public manifest formal heretic would remain pope and that there is nothing the Church could do about it.

The Catacombs Forum, unfortunately, continues to spread error.

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