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  1. maybe remotely related to this post, and more to previous ones, but:

    In the new (authoritative) Credo of Bish. Schneider, he states that (A) a pope is only free of error in an infallible ex cathedra teaching (p. 93), so (B) he could err in his teaching that is not ex cathedra. Then he mentiones a few popes (p. 95) that did err in their non-ex-c teachings.

    However, does B follow from A? That a teaching is ex cathedra means is it thereafter certain/de fide, and non-ex-c teachings are not. But “not certain” is not the same as “potentially in error”, is it?
    In other words: how does Mgr Schneider relate to the list of Dr. Mazaa which implies that Tradition does not in any way limit ‘free of error’ to ‘ex cathedra’.

    can you help me out?

    • Premise A is false. A [ope is free of error in a teaching of the Ordinary and Universal Magisterium in addition to ex cathedra teachings.


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