Archbishop Vigano to Speak at Online Conference!!!

Archbishop Vigano to Speak at Online Conference!!!

Note: Be careful here with Dr. Mazza’s statement:

“3) Bergoglio’s loss of office due to public material (if not formal) heresy.”

I heard Dr. Mazza claim this before, that is, that public material heresy causes the loss of office.  That is false.  Heresy is a pertinacious denial or doubt.  Pertinacity is what makes heresy formal.  Furthermore, if what he said is true, then he should apply his teaching to the conciliar popes who publicly taught material heresy.  If he denies that they taught public material heresy, then he is wrong about that too.

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  1. I think that position, #3 is more of Fr. Altman’s position, where as Dr. Mazza is #1 and the Archbishop is #2. Either way, I am glad that all three positions are being discussed together publicly.


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