2 thoughts on “My Response to Radio Spada – Fr. Paul Kramer”

  1. Father Kramer understands theology. But why are there so many doctors in theology believe that he is a valid pope? Father Kramer is almost the only one exposing him. He is one of the few defending the faith in these end times.

  2. Thank you Fr. Kramer for underlying the contradictions that are coming from Radio Spada over Bergoglio’s papacy. I appreciate your analysis concerning the possibility of a heretic pope, which is in fact an oxymoron, is it not? In our actual case I believe it is easier to declare Bergoglio an antipope, since Pope Benedict, according to canon law, did not abdicate. That is what makes it possible for Bergoglio to be a heretic or, more likely, an apostate.
    He is not the Pope, that’s why he can be a heretic. This route would avoid lengthy and complicated arguments to prove Bergoglio’s heresies. The canon law is not very clear about this, it would not be easy to mount a clear cut case against Bergoglio. When would the first heresy be counted for? When he was a cardinal? When he was falsely elected (anti)pope? What would be the fate of the cardinals he nominated before that time? It seems to me that this is a way to play with some theoretical possibility with little to none garanty for success. Something that would keep the mind the faithful’s busy while nothing decisive is being done and while the false church would keep its course, running toward the implementation of a new doctrine. Thankfully we do not need to start such a monumental work because the 2013 concave was called without respecting the code of canon law. The Pope was in a state of Impeded See, neither deceased or abdicatary. The overlwelming evidence supporting such arbitration has already been gathered. In Europe, especially in Italy, there are thousand, tens of thousand, of Catholics familiar with these concepts that are not yet popular In North America. Why do you think there is such a slow and delayed approach to the issue here, despite the fact that we are leaving in times of immediate news access? Thank you for all your work in defending the Catholic Church.


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