1 thought on “What’s Your Flashpoint of Heresy?”

  1. Right and wrong. True, the Bellarmine option to oust Bergoglio would take forever to be effective in the best case scenario or, most likely, it would not work at all. Thank goodness that Bergoglio is an antipope because our last Pope, Benedict XVI, accepted willingly to be relegated in a state of Impeded See. As a result of this, the 2013 conclave was then unlawful and everything that happened subsequently, was unlawful. Vere Papa mortuus est. Pre-2013 cardinals please gather and elect a Pope.
    We have to inform every Catholic about this injustice, we have to obey the will of the Pope, the real one, even if he is dead, and we have to fight with every drop of our blood the antipope, like it has always been done. The archbishops should stop ignoring these facts and spring to effective action, joining the few priests that are already publicly calling Bergoglio an antipope and fighting for the defense of the Church: Father Minutella, Father Bernasconi, Fra Celestino Della Croce, Father Avvinti, Father Gebhard Zenkert, Father Johannes Lehrner, Father Cap, Father Benko, and Father Kramer. God bless them.


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