Fr. Francois Chazal States that Archbishop Vigano Is a Bishop of the Resistance

The Odysee video linked below is a conference given by Fr. Francois Chazal in November 2023 in the United Kingdom.  Here are some very interesting things he states about Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano:

1. 1 min. & 10 sec. – Archbishop Vigano’s coming to Tradition is the best news of the year.
2. 14 min. & 50 sec. – Bishop Richard Williamson meets Archbishop Vigano regularly.
3. 25 min. & 45 sec. – Archbishop Vigano is a bishop of the Resistance.
4. 26 min. & 40 sec. – Archbishop Vigano fights the Conciliar Church, he hates the New Mass, and he condemns Vatican II.
5. 27 min. & 40 sec. – Regarding concerns with Archbishop Vigano’s consecration in the New Rite, he has done the necessary; the necessary has been done.

Here is an audio of the same conference:

There is finally a clergyman (and a bishop at that) of the Resistance that publicly rejects Jorge Bergoglio as pope!

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