Fr. Gregory Hesse States He Would Become a Sedevacantist if…..

In the video below, Fr. Gregory Hesse (may his soul rest in peace) states that he would become Sedevacantist if he had scientific proof that Pope John Paul II committed an act of formal apostasy. I am not sure what he means by “scientific” proof, but all we need is sufficient evidence that amounts to moral certitude. As a matter of fact, a well-founded positive and probable doubt would be sufficient to withdraw obedience from a putative pope because as St. Robert Bellarmine taught, “Papa dubius, papa nullus.”

Please note that I am not a Sedevacantist, as the term is historically understood.  I consider myself an Interregnumist, that is, one who holds that Benedict XVI was the latest true pope and that the Church is currently in a period of sede vacante.  My point is that whether a putative pope is truly pope is based on the evidence of public manifest formal heresy (or apostasy or other causes).  The evidence is abundant that Jorge Bergoglio is a public manifest formal heretic.  Therefore, he is not pope.  The a priori cause is that he was not validly elected in 2013 because Pope Benedict XVI did not renounce the papal munus.

Start at about the 29 minutes and 40 seconds mark.

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