Do We Have a Pope?

“Various scholars have hypothesized the invalidity of Francis’ election or his fall into full-blown and obstinate heresy. But the heart of today’s debate remains the controversial and confusing resignation of Benedict XVI, with the contour of his many ambiguous behaviors following the Declaratio of 11 February 2013. To the point that, right from the start, there were those who denounced the invalidity of the resignation itself and, consequently, of the election of his successor. The author of this study provides us with the reconstruction of the debate between ecclesiastics, theologians, canonists, experts and scholars who expressed their opinions on the matter, recomposing the mosaic like no one has ever done before, an indispensable condition for fully understanding the issue itself. As a necessary help and precondition, the author first of all paid attention to the centuries-old theological and historical debate on the question of the heretical pope, and then also dealt with some side issues of fundamental relevance. Finally, Massimo Viglione expresses his opinion on the entire question, providing concrete help in understanding the only true Magna Quæstio: the action of the Revolution in the Church.”

The above is a Google translation of the original Italian summary of the book.

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