Massimo Viglione Speaks about His Latest Book

Mr. Massimo Viglione speaks about his latest book.  In this talk, he makes an important point that the sede impedists should take heed of, and that is this:  even if the impeded see thesis were true, it is no longer immediately applicable.  Why?  Because the see is no longer impeded, and it has not been since December 31, 2022.  What immediately prevents Jorge Bergoglio from acquiring the papacy via universal and peaceful acceptance (which would heal the canonical defect of the 2013 “election”) is his public manifest formal heresy.  This is a divine impediment and not merely a canonical one.

Note that Massimo Viglione does not give his personal opinion on this matter.  For that, you have to read the book.  In this video, he basically explains that his book covers the various positions, and that his personal opinion comes at the end.

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