2 thoughts on “Response to Gaspers and Hall: No, Benedict Never Really Resigned”

  1. I agree with Michael Stephen, thank you Ecclesia Militans for posting this video. The author explains very well how, sometimes, the terms Munus and Ministerium are incorrectly considered as synonyms. There is a study of a latinist-philologist that supports these facts. it is based on a legal publication from Cardinal Érdó, a very prominent Canon Law Professor. He found out that the term Ministerium is never used as a synonym for Munus. The opposite is right in very few occasion in the texts of Canon Law. It is basically what it has been said in this video: Munus in very rare occasion has been used to indicate also the Ministerium, but Ministerium is not synonymous of Munus and it has never been. Normally the critics of the Declaratio try to induce the audience into thinking that, since it is wrongly assumed that Munus and Ministerium are synonyms, then the document has to be considered an abdication. This is false.


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