The Calling of the 2013 Conclave Was Not Legitimate – In Syllogistic Format

The calling of a legitimate conclave in 2013 required the abdication or death of Pope Benedict XVI.
But Pope Benedict XVI did not abdicate or die in 2013.
Therefore, the calling of the 2013 conclave was not legitimate.

The conclusion logically follows from the major and minor premise.  No Catholic worth the name would doubt the major premise.  The minor premise is true because Pope Benedict XVI did not die in 2013 or renounce his munus as required by Canon 332  §2 of the 1983 Code of Canon Law.

To those who rabidly hold to the impeded see thesis, the substantial error thesis, or some other thesis, attributing a motive to Pope Benedict XVI for what he did is not necessary for us to agree on the minor premise.  Therefore, please stop treating your thesis as if it were dogma.

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