4 thoughts on “Archbishop Vigano Accused by the Vatican of the Crime of Schism”

  1. There is certainly an interesting convergence of events:

    1) Rumors of the impending total suppression of the TLM;

    2) “Excommunication” of +Vigano for rejecting the legitimacy of V2 and Francis;

    3) SSPX French District preparing the terrain for the consecration of bishops (see Letter to Friends and Benefactors #95 on the official French District website, La Porte Latine.).

    Is there a connection between these three events?


    Recall that Francis said he might cause a schism. These three steps could be the practical pretext for creating one.

    The suppression of the true Mass will certainly cause a much clearer division among the faithful and clergy: With all “approved” TLM indult venues gone, these fence-sitters will either flee to unapproved “schismatic” venues, or be reincorporated back into straight Novus Ordo-ism. Trad Masses will become synonymous with schismatic, and the Novus Ordo with Catholic. Francis will have manufactured the divide, and purified his counterfeit church of traditionalist pollution.

    2) “Excommunicating” Vigano as the leader of the schism (a la Lefebvre 2.0) will give the manufactured “schism” tangible form, and the polemics of the early 1970’s will be reignited.

    3) Possibly, Fr. Pagliarani and the SSPX leadership see, howsoever belatedly, the writing on the wall, and are forced to proceed with unauthorized consecrations (despite their 2015 condemnation of the +Faure consecration), because this neo-SSPX places great value upon its own corporate welfare, and therefore, despite all the permissions and jurisdictions it has received over the last 2.5 decades as part of its treacherous quid-pro-quo negotiations with modernist Rome, it has realized Rome will never give it bishops.

    If this is what the SSPX has come to believe, then it would be forced to hazard all those privileges/permissions for the sake of bishops, and ironically, though they would grievously lament any canonical and collateral damage such consecrations would entail regarding their coveted relations with modernist Rome (and its “Greek gifts”), it would be the best possible thing that could happen to them, and for the restoration of the Church, and one could see Providence at work in such a “schism,” as the conciliar church dissolves into the substance of the world, while the “schismatics” are reinvigorated, grow, spread, convert, and save souls.

    “The best laid plans of mice and men…” all foiled by the indestructability of the Catholic Church, which not even a false council and all the legions of hell could destroy, taking shelter under Our Lady’s mantle, who will crush the serpent’s head.

    • Maybe Bergoglio will offer the Prelature to the SPPX, which will then be the only “official” approved Latin Mass providers. Thus, all the indult groups and faithful will either have to merge into the SSPX Prelature or go to the Novus Ordo. I suspect the SSPX will be free to criticize the New Mass at first but then over time be forced to admit that it is lawful, they can criticize Vatican II, but as long as they recognize it as an official Council of the Catholic Church, they have the 1962 Mass, but nothing before, no 1955 or pre-1955, and most importantly, recognize Bergoglio as the true Pope and his church as the Catholic Church, no matter what.


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