2 thoughts on “The Old Liturgy was NEVER Prohibited: Cardinal Ratzinger/Pope John Paul II in 2003!”

  1. Of course, in typical conciliar style, no sooner did BXVI announce that the TLM had never been abrogated, in the next breath he abrogated it himself:

    First, by stipulating that any priest could say the TLM without permission for PRIVATE Masses;

    Second, he placed conditions and restrictions upon saying public TLMs;

    Third, he announced his intention to “enrich” the 1962 missal by incorporating Novus Ordo saints, feast days, and prefaces (ie., making the 1962 missal effectively a new creation).

    Therefore, BXVI is not the liberator of the TLM, but its jailer. And for this, the SSPX sang a Te Deum.

    • I agree that Summorum Pontificum was a terrible document. However, I don’t agree that he “abrogated”, strictly speaking, the TLM.


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