The SSPX Accuses Archbishop Vigano of Sedevacantism

“There is, however, one point which significantly differentiates him from the founder of the Society of Saint Pius X: Archbishop Viganò makes a clear declaration of sedevacantism in his text. In other words, according to him, Pope Francis is not pope.

“How does he explain this? Because of a ‘defect of consent’ from Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio when accepting the papacy. That is, according to Viganò, Cardinal Bergoglio considered the papacy as something other than what it really is. He accepted the pontifical office without fully consenting, and this error resulted in the nullity of his acceptance. His pontificate would therefore be that of a place-holder.

“Archbishop Lefebvre and the Society he founded have not ventured down that perilous road.”

Archbishop Vigano is NOT a Sedevacantist until he unequivocally rejects all popes since John XXIII as true popes.

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  1. The tie that binds all these recent events together (ie., Rumor of the imminent complete suppression of the TLM; the censure of Vigano; the SSPX preparation of the faithful for episcopal consecrations; and somewhat more remotely, the suppression of the PCED) is that they are all preparatory steps for the formal integration of the SSPX into the conciliar church, via the personal prelature.

    In reverse order:

    1) The suppression of the PCED leaves all the biritual communities like the FSSP, ICK, et al adrift without a Roman overseer, but it also clears the path for the establishment of a new governing authority (ie., the Prelature).

    2. The consecration of bishops is a logical inevitability: A prelature needs prelates. Of course, if this is what is happening, it means the SSPX and Menzingen are still working in partnership, and that being the case, with bishops covertly approved by modernist Rome, the capture of the Society and its further conciliarization are likewise inevitable.

    3. Since part of the plan is to leave “approved” “trads” no venue outside the SSPX/prelature, Vigano needs to be nuked. The legal sanction will assure that all the semi-trads currently attending authorized Mass venues can’t turn to him, his organization, or clergy as an alternate liferaft.

    4) So the complete suppression of approved Mass venues outside the Prelature herds all these semi-trads back into the branded SSPX reeducation camps, where, along with the neo-SSPX, they’re all slow boiled right back into conservative conciliarism (where fear of losing canonical approval, along with the hordes of diluting legalistic conservatives, finally put an end to Lefebvre’s “schism.).

    This is now more or less what I think I see happening, and it’s just the final phase of a 30 year ralliement coming to an end.

    • Thanks, Sean, for that summary, that is what I see coming also. It is very depressing to the SSPX become traitors to the Catholic Faith.

      • Hi Mark-

        Agreed. I posted similar comments on, and sspxers are coming out of the woodwork to oppose this analysis, which is fine, but shows how incomprehensible are the ways of conciliar Rome to them. They just refuse to believe a deal with modernist Rome is a loss instead of a win.

        • So we SSPXers who think you’re wrong, are “coming out of the woodwork”? That makes it pretty plain you think you are the defender of Truth and those of us who may disagree with you are cockroaches. Nice.

  2. P.S. Neither Lefebvre nor Vigano has ventured down “that perilous road.” First of all, to assert what Vigano does about Francis is not perilous since Francis never had any intention of being a bishop or pope. His entire formation is Masonic and Communist, which prevents one from being a pope. His election was null because it was entirely the result of an ambitious political campaign to oust Benedict and install Francis. The evidence is mountains high! SSPX Catholics are so flattered that Francis permits traditional ‘Novus’ Catholics to go to confession at the SSPX, but that’s only because he can’t stand traditional Catholics maintaining tradition within the parish Church framework. He’s just trying to drive them from the Church with the hint that they ‘go to confession’ for holding to tradition. He is political in his every move. Francis hates the SSPX and everything they stand for

  3. How does the SSPX author know that Abp. Lefebvre would NOT have questioned the legitimacy of the “Francis” regime? It would have been entirely reasonable for him to so, as arguably the greatest opponent of Vatican II, another great evil that Bergoglio still manages to surpass. Any true spiritual son of Abp. Lefebvre would at least explore the reality of the Bergoglian Antipapacy. Instead, today’s “traditionalists,” who betray the description, insist on ignoring this problem.

  4. This shows ignorance. Sedevacantism refers specifically to the crackpot idea that there has existed no pope since 1958, something many SSPX Catholic believe against the position Lefebvre held. Both Vigano and Lefebvre honored the popes including those of recent memory. It is Archbishop Vigano’s love of the papacy that has compelled him to speak out against the present pontifical debacle. Remember, there have been 34 antipopes in Church history and those that acknowledged them as such were not Sedevacantists but were the enlightened friends of God who refused to be deceived by an imposter. Think before you write.


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