Question: Do I Owe Obedience to Jorge Bergoglio if I Have a Positive and Probable Doubt that He Is Pope?

Answer:  No.

“…..when there exists a solid evidentiary basis for positive and probable doubt about the validity of a reputed holder of the Petrine office, his status is doubtful, and, as the most eminent authorities affirm, the see is presumed vacant for so long as the doubt persists. In such cases it is unanimously taught by canonists and theologians that one is not bound to accept such a ‘doubtful pope’. One is permitted to judge privately under such circumstances, because there can exist no public judgment binding upon the whole Church if it is not made in conjunction with the primacy of jurisdiction existing in a true and indubitable pope. Such a primacy cannot be verified as certainly existing in a particular claimant until the doubt is resolved, which can only happen when certitude regarding the identity of the rightful holder of the primatial authority is restored.”

Kramer, Paul. On the true and the false pope: The case against Bergoglio (p. 304). Gondolin Press. Kindle Edition.

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