+Lefebvre: ‘Any sensible man must ask’ if a heretic is still pope, can discuss with others

Resistance, the following article supports what I wrote here and here that Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre did not teach some universal principle that we can never make a private judgment that a putative pope is not a true pope and that we must just wait for a future pope to make the judgment.  Those of you that hold to this are flat out wrong.  Even Archbishop Vigano understands this when he wrote the following:

“To those who remind me that Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre never went so far as to question the legitimacy of the Roman Pontiff, while acknowledging the heresy and even the apostasy of the conciliar Popes – as when he exclaimed: ‘Rome has lost the Faith! Rome is in apostasy!’ – I remind them that in the last fifty years the situation has dramatically worsened and that in all probability this great Pastor today would act with equal firmness, publicly repeating what he said then only to his clerics: ‘In this pastoral council, the spirit of error and lies has been able to work at ease, planting time-bombs everywhere that will blow up institutions in due course’ (Principes et directives, 1977). And again: ‘He who is seated on the Throne of Peter participates in the worship of false gods. What conclusion should we draw, perhaps in a few months’ time, in the face of these repeated acts of communication with false cults? I don’t know. I wonder. But it is possible that we will find ourselves forced to believe that the Pope is not Pope. Because at first sight it seems to me – I do not yet want to say it in a solemn and public way – that it is impossible for someone who is a heretic to be publicly and formally Pope’ (March 30, 1986).”


It is all based on the evidence (indicia) of public manifest formal heresy, my friends.  And there can be no reasonable doubt by this point in time that Jorge Bergoglio is a public manifest formal heretic, and therefore cannot be pope.

Here is the article: