Vigano’s Trial & SSPX’s Favorable Views on Rome – Père Chazal

In this sermon, Fr. Francois Chazal states that (public) heresy severs one from the Catholic Church. In regards to one who has an office, (public) heresy causes immediate loss of legitimacy of all the acts of that office. This is because of the nature of (public) heresy. Since Fr. Chazal holds that Jorge Bergoglio is a public heretic, he holds that consequently all Jorge Bergoglio’s acts are illegitimate.  However, Father does not hold that all of Jorge Bergoglio’s acts are invalid.  This statement of mine is based on communications that I have had with Fr. Chazal (see here).  Fr. Chazal relies on the concept of supplied jurisdiction to defend his position regarding the validity of at least some of Jorge Bergoglio’s acts.  This thesis, regarding validity, is tenable, but I do not fully embrace it, at least not at this time.

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  1. “In regards to one who has an office, (public) heresy causes immediate loss of legitimacy”, the question is, did Senor Bergoglio ever hold the papal office? If Pope Benedict intended to remain a passive Pope and hold onto a tiny fraction of the Papacy, then Bergoglio was never Pope at any time despite the majority being deceived. Would God then “supply jurisdiction” to Bergoglio just because the vast majority thinks he is Pope much like the argument of receiving sacraments form a suspended priest whom the faithful are unaware is suspended? I suppose that can be the case with Bergoglio, if he is still a valid Bishop despite his public manifest heresy, and that he has implied and explicit consent of the Cardinals to act as Pope. Maybe that is why he gave up title of Vicar of Christ but keeps the Bishop of Rome. This would suggest that he is a Bishop (valid but illicit) but is not Pope (other than by appearance but not by essence). In other word, Bergoglio is not Pope because he is not Catholic and, in the sense, he cannot define dogma or has the Papal power of infallibility, but he is “Pope” by fact other he is occupying the role of pope and almost all the hierarchy consent to treating him as Pope with all the papal powers.


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