The 10th Year Anniversary of Jorge Bergoglio as the Head of the Conciliar Church

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the election of Jorge Bergoglio as the head of the Conciliar Church.  On that day he supplanted Joseph Ratzinger, who remained the pope of the Catholic Church.  For the first time since Vatican II, the situation changed from one pope over two churches to two “popes” over two churches.  Unfortunately, the so-called True Resistance still holds to the one pope over two churches adage.

Wake up so-called True Resistance; wake up.  How much more evidence do you need to see that Jorge Bergoglio has never been the pope of the Catholic Church?

That Heresy by Its Very Nature Separates the Heretic from the Church and that Consequently This Results in the Loss of Office and Jurisdiction Are De Fide Teachings

“Bellarmine is clear and explicit on this general point: that the separation from the body of the Church, as well as loss of office and all jurisdiction, are accomplished by the very act of heresy, ex natura hæresis, and not by the judgment of the Church, or as a penalty for an ecclesiastical delict. This sententia is de fide regarding firstly the separation from the Church, in virtue of 1) the unanimity of the Fathers, 2) the teaching of the universal magisterium set forth in the Roman Catechism, and, 3) the teaching of Pius XII in Mystici Corporis; and secondly, it is de fide regarding the loss of office and jurisdiction, because of 1) the unanimity of the Fathers on this point which Bellarmine amply demonstrates in his refutation of Opinion No. 4, and 2) the canonical doctrine of the Church proposed by the papal ordinary magisterium in Canon 188. 4°; which, therefore, qualifies it as a doctrine pertaining to the universal and ordinary magisterium. Thus, it is not a mere question of law, but of definitive magisterial doctrine that heretics and schismatics are separated from the Church by their own actions suapte natura, apart from any ecclesiastical law or judgment; and that the consequent loss of office and jurisdiction is not the result of any penal sanction or any judgment pronounced by the Church, but is the direct effect of the act of defection from the Church, sine alia vi externa; which therefore, not by any human law, takes place ex natura hæresis or ex natura schismatis.”

Kramer, Paul. To deceive the elect: The catholic doctrine on the question of a heretical Pope . Kindle Edition.

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