Coming Soon: Ecclesia Militans Radio

Ecclesia Media Radio, a media arm of the Our Lady of Good Success Mission, is coming soon.  The show is hosted by Tony La Rosa and produced by Brian Torsell.  The first episode was recorded on March 18, 2015 and entitled “Antichrist Rising:  The Diabolical Disorientation at Full Throttle”.  Mr. Hugh Akins of the Catholic Action Resource Center was interviewed about the rising forces of Antichrist.  Please note that this episode will not be available on the Our Lady of Good Success Mission website, but will be available for purchase at Mr. Hugh Akins’ website.  I will post a notification when it is available.  Most future shows, though, will be available for free on the Our Lady of Good Success Mission website.


If you have any topics that you would like discussed for future shows or would like to take part in a show, please e-mail me at: