Fourth Anniversary of Going Public with Benedict XVI Is the True Pope!

Dear Friends, today marks the fourth anniversary of me going public with the position that Benedict XVI was the true pope.  You may find that original post here.

We are currently in a period of sede vacante.  I am glad to see that more and more people have opened their eyes to this truth.  Let us pray, however, that Our Lord through the intercession of Our Lady will soon grant us a holy pope.

Archbishop Vigano Says Bergoglio Is Not a Valid Pope – Fr. Paul Kramer

The conclusion is correct, but I am not sure whether the reason Archbishop Vigano gives has merit to invalidate the acceptance of the papacy, even if we assume, simply for the sake of argument, that Pope Benedict XVI validly renounced his munus.  Rather, assuming that Jorge Bergoglio was not a public manifest formal heretic at the time of his “election”, what invalidated his acceptance of the papacy was that Pope Benedict XVI did not renounce his munus (i.e., office).