Former Pope Benedict XVI

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The Calling of the 2013 Conclave Was Not Legitimate – In Syllogistic Format

The Error in Pope Benedict XVI’s Understanding of His Own Renunciation

Benedict XVI Is the True Pope!

Diagram of the Office of the Papacy in Relation to the February 11, 2013 Declaratio of Pope Benedict XVI

Out of Line with Archbishop Lefebvre?

The Invalidity of Benedict XVI’s Resignation in Syllogistic Format

An Act of Schism

The Juridical Value of Interviews = Zilch

Pope Benedict XVI’s “Resignation” in Light of the 1917 Code of Canon Law

St. Francis of Assisi and His Prophecy of a Non-Canonically Elected “Pope”

Get Out of Your Material Schism

Equivocation of the Term “Sedevacantist”

Separated from the True Pope, You Won’t Remain Catholic for Long

What Is the Difference between the Conciliar Popes and Jorge Bergoglio? – Fr. Paul Kramer Answers

The SSPX in 1997 on the 1983 Code of Canon Law

“To Deceive the Elect: The Catholic Doctrine on the Question of a Heretical Pope” by Fr. Paul Kramer

First Act vs. Second Act and the Renunciation of Pope Benedict XVI

Bishops Lament the Actions of Jorge Bergoglio Yet Still Accept Him as Pope

How Much Longer Can the True Resistance Remain True?

What Are Your Grounds for Accepting as Valid the “Renunciation” of Pope Benedict XVI?

But You Used the 1983 Code of Canon Law…..

But the Cardinals Accepted His Resignation…..

Private Individuals Have the Right to Prudently Judge a Manifest Heretic – Fr. Paul Kramer

Renouncing the Office of the Papacy Is an All or Nothing Act

Third Anniversary of Going Public with Benedict XVI Is the True Pope!

Question: What Would Happen if Pope Benedict XVI Renounced 99.99999999999% of His Munus?

I Will Not Turn into a Sedevacantist if Benedict XVI Dies before Jorge Bergoglio

The Term “Resistance” Is Outdated and Inappropriate

For All Who Insist Bergoglio Is Definitely Pope…..