The Russian Emperor Will Assist the Great Monarch

“I saw the capital (Paris) burned, looted, ransacked. At this sight sight I was so frightened that I thought we were all going to perish, but the Voice said to me: “Do not fear, I have views of mercy on France, I am going to give her a king according to My Heart; he will have in share gentleness, wisdom and severity; I will make everything easy for him and all will surrender to his will, he will return everything to order and duty; he will give back all the ill gotten goods, of whatever kind they are: this will be very easy for him, since most of those who possessed them will have perished in the great battle; and those who survive, being frightened by the punishment of the others, will not be able to help recognizing the finger of God in these events and admiring His Omnipotence. Many will be converted…

“At that moment I saw a young man who seemed to me to be about thirty-three years old. He had a ravishing beauty and a demeanor that announced something great and majestic; at the same time the Voice said to me: “Here is the one whom I am keeping from all perils for the happiness of France.” I heard that he bore the two names of Louis-Charles (Louis XVII); he was saved from the Tower of the Temple and taken to Spain; he then passed to Rome, then to Naples and from there to Sicily where he was taught by the Jesuits (secularized): in 1801 he returned to France where he was arrested and put in prison; he escaped from there because God protected him and preserved him for our happiness (this passage seems foreign to the vision of the nun itself). He will return to France only after the great battle and he will be led by the emperor of Russia, at the head of a beautiful army. I saw another army of French royalists going to meet the first one to receive the Great Monarch, and at the meeting of the two armies, the air resounded with cries of Long live Religion, Long live the King. Immediately I heard music so delightful that I thought I was hearing heavenly concerts. He will make a close alliance with the emperor of Russia who will become a Catholic and both will use their power for the good of religion.”

Prophecy of the Trappistine Nun of Notre-Dame des Gardes, in Anjou.
Voix prophétiques Volume II (Prophetic Voices) by Fr. Jean-Marie Curicque, pages 331-332.
Translated from the French by Melanie Fournier.